Egypt & KSA

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30 Hour

  1. What is CNC Machines?
    1. What is NC and CNC meaning?
    2. When need to use CNC Machines?
    3. Application & Industry need CNC machines.
    4. Different types of CNC machines.
    5. CNC Machines and it's Component " hydraulic, pneumatic, electric"
    6. Knowledge must have to operate CNC machines.

  1. How to operate CNC Machines?
    1. What are the main steps to operate CNC machines?
    2. What is CNC Files?
    3. What is G/M Code?
    4. What is CAD/CAM software?
    5. Different types of CAD/CAM software?
    6. Practical Training.

  1. What is CNC Control System?
    1. What is the Control system of CNC machine?
    2. Which parts in machine controlled by CNC controller?
    3. Different types of the CNC system.
    4. CNC Driving System Components
    5. CNC Control Loop
    6. Practical Training.

  1. Practical Operate CNC Machines

The End.

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